Getting a Bail Bond through an Agent

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Lawyers

The agreement of bail or a bond allows an individual who has been placed under arrest with the opportunity to bail out of jail, commonly known as “on bail”. A Bail bond is a legal procedure that requires the individual to submit a payment to the judicial panel, instead of incarceration before the trial. The amount of the bond required usually depends on a variety of factors, ranging from the nature of the crime to the past criminal record of the arrested. Bail is required as an insurance policy taken out by the court that the accused will return to court.

In the event that an individual is arrested on criminal charges and subjected to the detention process, which involves the presentation of the initial charges, the arrest of that person and the subsequent treatment is carried out within the agency. The following types of prisons are associated and are participatory in the process of posting the bond.

• A local jail is defined as criminal detention or an additional method of confinement for people who require short confinement. They may be held until the completion of their case and/or sentence. Local bail bonds can be purchased in order to pay bail and free the accused until their next court date.

• County jail is a type of prison which provides imprisonment to prisoners accused of misdemeanors within the scope of a county within a specific state. County jails may be subject to higher Bail bond rates.

How does bail work? People must remain aware that the chance of bail is left to the discretion of the presiding court. In the event that a detainee is not able to meet the payment of the required deposit, you may be eligible to borrow the necessary funds through certain agencies. In some cases, a form of guarantee is expected to be exchanged, which is also considered a down payment. A bond is considered a loan guarantee or security – this is a type of loan that is offered to the accused, which requires the provision of supplementary payment in order to ensure the ultimate satisfaction of the bail.

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