Get Immediate Medical Care with Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH

by | May 7, 2015 | Health Care

Proper medical care is a necessity for every person. However, many do not receive the care they need when they need it. Treatment for illnesses and injuries can often be delayed. This can be due to money issues or care availability. Those who have a primary care doctor can see that doctor when they have an illness or injury. However, the chances of seeing the doctor on the same day as needed are very slim. Usually, the wait time for an appointment can be a week or more.

Those who need more urgent care can go to an emergency department at the local hospital. However, the wait times can be 4 hours or longer. The cost for the emergency room visit can easily be in the thousand dollar range, depending on the tests needed. This leaves little option for immediate medical assistance. You either wait at least a week to see a doctor or pay excessively for care. This can make it difficult to get the care a person needs in a timely manner.

Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH can be a solution to this problem. Eastside Urgent Care offers a no appointment walk in clinic. This allows you to get the immediate care you need. In addition to being able to get immediate care for illnesses and injuries, the cost is about 75% less than an emergency room visit. No longer do you need to decide if your illness or injury is bad enough to pay extra charges or wait it out till the doctor can see you. Urgent Care in Cincinnati OH allows you to get the treatment you need without paying outrages fees to get immediate care.

In addition to offering immediate care for illnesses and injuries, the urgent care facilities offer many other services, as well. Physicals for camp and sports activities can be easily obtained for a low cost. Regular blood pressure and cholesterol screenings are also available. Minor illnesses and injuries, such as migraines or sprains, can also be treated at these facilities. No appointment is ever needed to get the services you need. For more information about services available, you can visit

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