Get Essential Help From a Personal Injury Attorney in Tacoma

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Lawyers

Personal injuries can occur for a variety of different reasons. They often strike because of car accidents, assault and medical negligence. Personal injuries may be physical, mental or emotional in nature. Those who have become injured or suffered damages because of another person’s actions or neglect may have the right to pursue a case for compensation. Through a personal injury attorney in Tacoma, injured victims can find the legal help they need.

A personal injury attorney in Tacoma can help their clients in a multitude of ways. Even if a lawsuit becomes unnecessary, an attorney can assist their client in dealing with the insurance company. Since insurance companies can often give injured victims the runaround, this is a welcome help.

To get started on the process, the insurance company must first be dealt with. This can be fruitless since the company will not offer any type of settlement that goes beyond the range the policy is worth. This often leaves victims to settle for much less than their claim is worth, leading them to be responsible for paying the medical bills that were not covered.

Getting help from a personal injury attorney in Tacoma is advisable when the insurance company is not being cooperative. An attorney can file a lawsuit if he feels a fair settlement is not being offered. A lawsuit can prove beneficial in allowing evidence to be submitted so the victim can receive the fair compensation they deserve.

When a person hires an attorney, it is important to note they will not be required to pay any fees unless the attorney is able to get a win in their case. If compensation is granted, the fees for the attorney will be taken out of that amount. Attorneys can charge as much as eight to ten percent. This amount will be disclosed in the retainer agreement when the client hires the attorney.

To get the help you need for an injury claim, contact Sadler Ladenburg in Tacoma. They will be happy to schedule a free consultation appointment so you can learn about your rights and get the legal help you need.

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