Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble Bee Control In Pittsburgh PA

Individuals who discover a swarm of bees on their property should immediately contact a professional that specializes in Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to discover bumble bees in their attic insulation, behind house siding or underneath their deck. To learn more about bumble bees and how they’re controlled, read the frequently asked questions below.

Q.) How can a person identify a bumble bee from other types of bees?

A.) Bumble bees are bright yellow and black with a fuzzy, hairy body and they range in size from 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. The abdomen of a female bee is pointed and the male has an abdomen that is curved at the end. Only the female of this species has a stinger and if they feel their hive is threatened, they can sting numerous times. Queen bees begin building a new nest each spring and it can eventually be a home for up to 400 bees.

Q.) What are the indications that a bumble bee nest is close by?

A.) The signs a homeowner should look for that signal a nearby nest include multiple bees flying around flowers. Homeowners should also watch for bees that fly back and forth from the area close to the nest. These bees stay busy as they travel from the nest to collect pollen and nectar and then take it back to the nest to feed the younger bees.

Q.) How does an insect control specialist get rid of bumble bees on the property?

A.) The services performed by a professional who specializes in Bumble Bee Control in Pittsburgh PA will include locating and removing the hive. The specialist may also use various techniques of extermination that’s certified by the Environmental Protection Agency. Before the removal of the bees, the specialist will confer with the homeowners about the various methods that can be used for bumble bee control.

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