Finding Gold Buyers In Milwaukee, WI

by | May 21, 2013 | Shopping

Do you have loose gold lying around? Gold chains you don’t wear anymore? Gold earrings missing their mates? With gold recently at record highs, selling your unwanted gold jewelry to Gold Buyers Milwaukee WI makes good financial sense.

When you get to the Gold Buyers Milwaukee WI, expect them to offer you approximately half the melt weight – or the weight at which they can sell the gold on the market that day. They will go through the gold you bring them and type it first as real gold and then by karat weight. Twenty-four karat gold is pure gold. Most jewelry is not made out of twenty-four carat gold because it is too soft and gets lost easily. Eighteen karat gold is three-quarters gold and one-quarter base metals. Many pieces of jewelry are made out of eighteen karat gold. Fourteen karat gold is probably the most widely used karat weight of gold jewelry in the United States. Keep in mind that they are buying for the gold weight and that the price will be for just the gold and not the base metals used to strengthen and supplement the gold.

The gold will be tested on a whet stone with acids that dissolve gold at different rates. A fourteen karat gold item will have a specific acid that doesn’t make it disappear. Fake gold will be dissolved by any of the acids used to test for real gold. Twenty-two karat gold acid will dissolve fourteen karat gold, but should be tried to make sure the karat strength is right for the price they’re willing to offer you.

Gold coins may go for more than melt is they are rare and valuable. Bullion coins like the United States Gold Eagles will go for melt. A twenty-dollar gold piece will sell for more than melt as they are collectible coins.

It is a good idea to check spot gold prices the day you’re trying to sell your gold. It will give you an idea of what kind of money should be offered for your gold items. Remember that the Gold Buyers Milwaukee WI has to make a profit, too. That’s why half of what your gold will go for to melt is pretty much the industry standard for buying gold.

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