Contact Your Insurance Company Before Taking Your Car For Repairs To Your Cars Paint And Body In Tempe

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Automotive

If you need a paint and body Tempe repair shop to work on your vehicle, it is best to take your time before choosing a repair shop to handle the repairs. There are many people who make the mistake of assuming that their insurance company will pay to have repairs done at any shop they choose. Some insurance companies do allow policyholders to choose the repair shop for their repairs, but many give policyholders a list of approved shops from which they can choose. If you take your car to a paint and body repairs shop in Tempe that isn’t on the approved list, you could be forced to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket.

When you need to have repairs made on your car, it is important to call the insurance company and explain the situation to an agent. You need to be honest about what happened and explain the amount of damage that your vehicle incurred. Depending on the severity of the damage, the company may choose to send an insurance adjuster to look at your vehicle. The adjuster will well-trained to determine the severity of the damage and how much he or she estimates that it will take to have the repairs done. He or she will then provide you with the necessary information to be able to have the Paint and Body repaired quickly and easily.

Once you have the list of approved body shops, you need to go online and read reviews about each shop. This will allow you to rest assured that you work with a shop that has mechanics who know what they are doing and who will do a good job repairing your vehicle. Many people make the mistake of assuming that a shop is reliable simply because it is an approved shop by their insurance company. The insurance company will only care about paying as little as they possibly can for the repairs and often do not take the time to learn if a business has a good reputation or has mechanics that are highly trained. Visit website for paint and body repair needs in Tempe!

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