Choosing an Office Lease in Newnan, GA

by | May 18, 2015 | Business

Are you searching for an office lease in Newnan GA? Although a storage provider may not be the first business you think of in this situation, this could be exactly where you need to turn. Greison Storage ( now offers office and commercial suites for businesses at reasonable prices. Both are in the ideal location, whether you currently own an online business or find that you now need medical office space. With multiple locations to select from, one is sure to be right for you.

When choosing an office location, you want to ensure the facility projects the right image for your business. This is of importance as the first thing a visitor will see is the exterior, yet many companies fail to take this into consideration. You also want to look at neighboring businesses to see if they are direct competitors or if they complement what you are offering. Does the office space provide room for growth and will you have easy access to suppliers? Things such as this may not seem important now, but could become critical in the future.

Some opt to rent space in the Greison Park buildings, as these offices are situations on 12 acres in a beautiful area between I-85 and the historic downtown. Occupants appreciate the close proximity to shops and restaurants and the brick storefronts are sure to draw visitors in. Many businesses find this is exactly what they need, as the company offers custom build outs along with competitive rates.

Determine how much it will cost you to set up shop in the facility. Will you need IT system upgrades and how much will furnishings cost? Keep this in mind when deciding how much you can afford. See if there are any incentives for you to set up shop in the area also. You may be surprised to find that you can save money by selecting one location over another.

Some choose to set up shop in the Cates Crossing location, as it is located only two miles from the Piedmont Hospital Campus. The professional appearance and gorgeous landscaping make a nice backdrop for any organization and businesses can choose from various facilities starting at only 1,500 square feet. Contact the company today to view both locations and determine if one is right for your needs. You just may find that an Office Lease in Newnan GA offered through Greison Storage is.

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