Carpet Remnants Have Customers Covered

by | Nov 4, 2015 | Business

Whether looking to carpet an entire room, floor a closet, or find a beautiful area rug, carpet Remnants are an easy, affordable option. Remnant retailers have been around for many years, providing an affordable alternative to traditional rug, carpet, and flooring stores. So, what are some of the additional advantages of going to a remnant retailer? Customers will find the following.

  *     It is nearly impossible to match colors exactly through a catalog or the internet. Remnant sellers provide in-person service, allowing customers to see and match products before they buy.

  *     Remnant sellers have greater variety, allowing customers to locate hard-to-match colors and rare patterns. Remnant sellers often have the largest selections in the area.

  *     Many of them can also transform carpet remnants into rugs. They are custom made to fit the needs of any size, color, or design scheme.

  *     Remnant sellers also patch and repair old carpeting, after they have matched it through their stock. They do so with prices that are far cheaper than traditional sellers. Because remnants are bought wholesale or are surplus from previous projects, they are cheaper to buy. These savings are passed on to customers.

  *     They are also experts in new carpet installation, providing customers with a “one-stop shopping” experience for all of their carpeting needs.

  *     Because of their stock’s variety, remnant stores often sell, repair or install carpet faster than traditional stores. Customers also spend less time waiting for orders.

Using carpet Remnants means customers will never have to buy more than they need. In addition, companies like Carpet Discount Warehouse provide a variety of other flooring solutions. Vinyl floors in any color, style and brand are available to cover kitchens, bathrooms, and other high-spill areas. The best remnant retailers offer installation services for these products as well.

Carpet Remnant sellers are there to fulfill the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial flooring. They can supply wall-to-wall carpeting, custom made area rugs, and small outdoor mats. Whether customers need repair or replacement, vinyl of carpet, remnant retailers can supply and perform most flooring jobs. They offer the greatest variety at the lowest price.

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