The beach is great but the sand that it can leave in the carpets in a home is astounding. In addition to sand from the beach, the dirt that is left behind from everyone’s shoes and general daily dirt can make a carpet look worn out before its time. It is recommended to have carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach VA performed at least once a year. For rooms that receive heavier traffic, it may be recommended to have it performed twice per year. Area rugs can become just as dirty as a room with wall-to-wall carpeting. Area rugs should be cleaned at the same intervals as regular carpeting.

Indoor allergens can become increasingly more noticeable when the carpet hasn’t been cleaned on a regular basis. Occupants in the home will begin to sneeze, and the dust on the furniture will be much more noticeable. Vacuuming regularly with a quality sweeper that includes a HEPA filter can help to alleviate some of the allergens, but dust mite droppings and animal dander will remain in the carpeting long after the carpet has been vacuumed. These allergens can cause sneezing, itching, watery eyes, irritable sleep and asthma attacks in individuals that have allergies to these items.

Although bedrooms do not receive a great deal of traffic, they can easily build allergens. As an individual sleeps, dead skin cells will be deposited from the skin. Dust mites live on these dead skin cells. The dust mites are not the allergen. The droppings that the dust mites leave behind is what creates a problem in a bedroom. If the occupant is continually waking up with a sinus headache, pressure or feeling congested, it’s probably a good idea to have carpet cleaning in Virginia Beach VA performed.

Another reason to have the carpets professionally cleaned is to extend the life of the carpet. Dirt will work its way deep into the fibers of the carpet to the backing. If these dirt particles are not removed, they will break down the fibers in the carpet and leave the carpet appearing to be flat or fuzzy. Routine cleanings will extend the life of the carpeting for many years and save the owner hundreds of dollars to replace the carpet.

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