Building a Career in Computer Networking Harrisburg

by | Feb 26, 2013 | Telecommunications

The computer networking industry is large and brings together hundreds or even thousands of companies and a wide array of technologies. It is important to know what the concept of networking means with reference to computers so that you can be able to build your career in this field. By definition, a computer network refers to a set of computers that are linked to one another and able to exchange messages. Computer networking is therefore a career in which people are able to connect computers and enable them to share information of different types. Networking is possible when there are at least two computers, a hardware to connect them and a protocol to enable them share information. A networking expert deals with all these aspects.

The computer networking industry is dynamic because of changes in computer systems, both hardware and software. For this reason, there is a high demand for skilled personnel that can work across various areas of networking. Most corporations across the globe have one or more networks and all they need in this regard is skilled people to manage these networks. Some companies will employ networking experts of their own, while others will time and again seek networking assistance from networking experts or companies that offer such services.

In spite of the fact that the computer networking field seems to offer many opportunities, there are no easy or automatic jobs waiting to be picked. One has to work hard to fulfill the knowledge requirements of the career and face the stiff competition that exists. If you are looking forward to pursuing a career in networking, then you are eyeing one of the various job titles in the field such as network engineer, network systems analyst, network administrator, network technician, information systems administrator, systems administrator, network analyst and so forth. Computer networking Harrisburg professionals perform a wide range of jobs with regard to networking. Different companies will have different job descriptions depending on the nature of the IT work that is available. Therefore, you can be hired by a corporation as a computer network technician, an IT assistant or a network administration assistant among titles.

To become one of the computer networking Harrisburg experts you need to pursue college or university certificate or degree programs. You also need a Computer Networking Specialist Certificate. Many programs focus on a particular type of networking software such as that developed by Cisco or Microsoft. You will also undertake a variety of courses involving LAN and WAN in implementation, computer networking hardware, computer network security and routing techniques among others.

Computer networking is a popular field with many career options. However, to succeed in this field you have to develop the right career path. Find out more here.


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