Be Who You Want To Be With Therapy At The Hair Thinning Treatment Center In West Chester, PA

by | Jun 12, 2015 | Health Care

Hair loss can be quite obvious, causing both men and women to find themselves relying on hats and hair pieces to cover their heads. While there is nothing for anyone to be embarrassed about, losing the hair on one’s head is something that most people associate with our senior citizen years.

One of the main reasons adults find themselves losing hair is hormonal imbalances. This is because our hormones literally control our hair, skin, and how we maintain a healthy weight. When hormones are properly balanced, patients find themselves feeling more energetic and able to keep up with a routine exercise program.

Seeing hair lose its natural thickness is something that most people experience during their middle years. At the Hair Thinning Treatment Center in West Chester PA, both men and women can have their hormone regimen personalized to fit their individual biological make-up. This can be to decrease female hormones for women who have having hormonal issues. For men, a system to convert testosterone to DHT is found to slow the rate of hair loss considerably.

At a Hair Thinning Treatment Center in West Chester PA, there are other therapies that have proven successful in reversing hair loss as well. Clients can undergo FDA approved laser hair rejuvenation therapy to encourage hair growth. Lasers work in cooperation with topical products. Working together, these function as holistic alternatives to invasive procedures like hair plugs or over the counter products like minoxidil.

Clients who undergo laser treatment find that their hair begins to grow at an increased rate of speed. They also see their hair become thicker, often down to the individual strand. When they comb or brush their hair, it seems stronger and more durable. Overall, the appearance of the hair is more youthful and has a healthy glow.

One way that men and women can find out more about this Hair Thinning Treatment Center in West Chester PA, is with a consultation. In just thirty minutes or less, the treatment team will be able to let prospective clients know what procedures they can expect to receive at the BeBalanced Center. To learn more and make that initial appointment, all one has to do is visit the web pages of .

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