Attending a Funeral in Atlantic Highlands

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Funeral Services

The death of a friend or coworker does call for attending the Funeral in Atlantic Highlands. People who are uncomfortable at these types of events may not be sure exactly how to dress or conduct themselves at the funeral. Here are some basic tips that will go a long way in making it easier to know what to do while paying respects to the individual who recently passed away.

The Choice of Clothing

While many people choose to wear black attire to a funeral, the practice has become less common in recent decades. Even do, those who are not sure what to wear to a Funeral in Atlantic Highlands would do well to stick with black or at least more subdued colors. The only exception would be if the deceased had left behind instructions that anyone attending the funeral should dress in a certain manner. If those instructions happen to be for everyone to wear vibrant colors, then feel free to do so.

Arriving for the Funeral

It is a good idea to arrive early enough to stop and offer quick condolences to the next of kin. From there, finding a place to sit in the chapel is the next order of business. If the deceased was a coworker or neighbor, be sure to take a seat nearer the back of the chapel. That will leave more room for the family on the front rows.

Participating in the Memorial Service

At certain times during a memorial service, those in attendance may have the opportunity to participate in some manner. This can include singing along with others when hymns are played, or reciting a reading found in the order for the service. There may even be time set aside for others to stand and offer some comments or anecdotes about the deceased. Keep in mind that people who do not wish to actively participate in these activities do have the option of sitting quietly.

For more help in preparing to attend a funeral, call the John P. Condon Funeral Home. They can provide simple tips that will make it easier to feel comfortable during the service.

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