Asanti wheels are upgrades that are not only impressive but are safe additions to any make and model of car. The wheels, when customized, can be matched and made to enhance the year, make, model and color of a variety of car styles.

The Asanti brand features a vast array of finishes, sizes and styles that come in sizes that range from 16 to 20 inches and 22 to 24 inches in diameter. Finishes of Asanti wheels include such selections as black, chrome , brushed white, light grey, dark grey and gold.

A Variety of Spoke Styles

The Asanti wheel is impressive, if not noticeable, as it features varying spoke faces – facades that automatically gain notice when you include these wheels on your car. The large variety of wheel models ensures that you will obtain just the kind of wheel style you want for your automobile.

However, when selecting wheel designs, you also need to know a little bit about the anatomy of a wheel, whether it is an Asanti wheel or another popular brand. Wheel options are many. Therefore, learning a little bit about wheel terminology can help you better define what you yourself need in a set of Asanti wheels or a similarly recognized brand.

The Face of the Wheel

The face of the wheel, also referred to as the outboard, is what you see when a wheel is bolted onto a vehicle. You may call it the structural face of the wheel or its cosmetic façade.

An Essential Part of the Wheel

The empty space within the center bore of the wheel is an essential point on the wheel as this hole fits over the axle’s end whenever the wheel is bolted to the car. Because lugnuts only act to keep the wheel from losing its axle attachment, the connection between each center bore and axle seat is what holds the car’s weight.

The Wheel’s Core

As a result, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or wheel brands, such as Asanti, make their wheels so they fit closely on the axle seats of cars – all which is safer and provides for a suspension-friendly ride. Close to the center bore is a significant piece of metal that features bolt holes called the plate. The plate is synonymous with the wheel’s core – it is the contact point for the lug bolts and axle seat.

The spokes on the wheels made by Asanti and other manufacturers are the structural components that lie between the plate and the wheel’s outer edge. Spokes are made to tie a wheel together, to support the wheel’s outer edge and t resist impact. They also provide an aesthetic function, especially in Asanti wheel designs, as they can vary a great deal by pattern and style.