An Automobile Accident Attorney in Tucson Can Help Victims Recover Financially

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Lawyers

Almost all civil suits have something in common: they all involve damages that are property damage, financial harm or injury for which a party may make a monetary recovery. Personal injury cases involving auto accidents are no exception, but several factors may affect what a victim receives.

* Did the driver get the police report?
A police report provides certain information including the responding officer’s badge number and name. It’s common for claims adjusters to question the officer to confirm a victim’s statement after an accident.

* Did the victim get medical help right away?
An injured party should go to the doctor quickly after a car accident, because in some areas, the failure to do so may bar a victim from making a recovery for a delayed-onset injury. If a victim is in doubt, they should get medical help right away, and they should also call an automobile accident attorney in Tucson.

* Was there a pre-existing injury?
If an auto accident victim had a health condition before the crash, they should ask their physician for new x-rays. Comparison of pre- and post-accident scans can prove that the accident caused additional damage.

* Did the driver talk to someone at the accident scene?
Anything said to another party can be used against a victim in court. Conversely, if the other party says something, the victim should take note of it.

* Did anyone witness the accident, and are there photos?
If anyone saw the accident, they can help the victim prove their case. Pictures are important evidence as well, and they can back up a victim’s claims in a lawsuit.

* Are there records of recurring damage?
Documents validating the number of days and amount of money lost from work, visits to doctors, and loss of enjoyment of life can show the damages caused by a car accident.

* What are each driver’s insurance limits?
An insurance policy can limit a victim’s ability to make a recovery; most drivers don’t have enough assets to make a personal judgment worthwhile, so insurance limits are important. If a policy’s limits are under a number of damages suffered, recovery may be limited.

In most car-accident cases, it is wise to hire a personal injury or automobile accident attorney in Tucson. Attorneys with Price and Price Law know how to deal with auto insurers and claims adjusters, and they can help victims properly file claims while maximizing a potential recovery.

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