Why Families Choose Craftsmen to Create Monuments in New Haven

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Business

Choosing a memorial headstone, statue, or grave marker is usually stressful because families are making permanent decisions in times of grief. That is why so many clients trust established craftsmen like Shelley Brothers Monuments to help them create memorials. These established artisans have decades of experience creating Monuments in New Haven and understand how to help clients make wise decisions in difficult times.

Experts Guide Client Choices

The specialists who create monuments in New Haven work closely with cemeteries. As a result, they know what kinds of memorials each allows. This is critical to clients who are choosing stones because some burial grounds restrict sizes, and many allow only head or footstones. Military cemeteries may require grave markers to be uniform in style, color, and size. Regardless of guidelines, experts always ensure that even the simplest markers are as elegant as possible.

Craftsmen Create Memorial Art

Whether families need simple slant markers or elaborate statues, designers and stone craftsmen can replicate their ideas. Most companies now have websites that include examples of their work as well as a “contact us” option that allows clients to reach design experts. Knowledgeable designers will help families order custom memorials in any size, color, and contour that they choose. Specialists combine state-of-the-art computer software with age-old craftsmanship. They work with many types of stone and can add any lettering, carvings or emblems required. Even the simplest head or footstones can be created in rose, gray, mahogany, and black stone.

Specialists Also Restore Gravestones

Monument experts also specialize in restoring grave markers. Their on-site teams will travel to cemeteries and clean or paint stones. They often sandblast them to restore surfaces. Teams will replicate original lettering, return memorials to their original appearances, and make them readable again. Professionals often travel to cemeteries and complete the lettering and carving for unfinished stones. This is a common request in families who pre-order and install memorials. Craftsmen will also repair monuments of every type and can work with wood, brick and granite.

Families often choose established monument companies because the businesses have years of experience helping clients make the best decisions during difficult times. Experts help clients choose memorials that meet cemetery requirements and still reflect families’ tastes and feelings. Monument makers are also restoration experts who can return older gravestones to their original conditions.

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