Your Questions Answered About Furnace Repair Services In Grand Haven

by | Dec 4, 2015 | Air Conditioning

It’s important for homeowners to keep their furnaces running as efficiently as possible throughout the colder months of the year. A broken furnace in the middle of winter can be costly and cause families to be uncomfortable in their own homes. The information below answers your questions about common furnace problems and offers advice about contacting a company that provides Furnace Repair Services in Grand Haven.

Q.) What causes a furnace to blow out cold air while it’s running?

A.) When cold air blows out of the furnace, homeowners can try to reset the unit by turning it off for one minute before turning it back on. This switch is located to the side or above the unit, and it looks like a regular light switch. If powering the unit off and on again doesn’t fix the issue, there could be a problem with the furnace burners or the thermocouple.

Q.) Should a homeowner be worried when the furnace makes a groaning sound when it runs?

A.) Odd sounds that come from the furnace should always be checked out by a professional who specializes in Furnace Repair Services in Grand Haven. When a furnace makes groaning or growling noises, this is usually due to a bad belt or worn out blower wheel bearings. Either one of these issues should be repaired as soon as possible before it causes more damage to the furnace.

Q.) What steps can homeowners take to keep their furnaces running as smoothly as possible?

A.) A furnace will run its best and last for over 25 years if it’s regularly maintained by a professional who specializes in heating services. When a technician performs yearly maintenance, the components of the furnace are inspected, and the moving parts are lubricated. It’s also a good idea to have the duct system examined and cleaned by a professional company every few years. Dirt and dust buildup in the air ducts can cause a furnace to overheat.

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