Working with a Heating Contractor in Forest Park Can Lower Energy Bills

by | May 14, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

When it gets cold at night, homeowners depend on their furnace to keep them warm. It is a sinking feeling when the house is cold at 2 am and they don’t know whom to call. This can easily be avoided by having a planned maintenance agreement with a Heating Forest Park contractor. The homeowner agrees to have the contractor inspect and maintain their heating system at least once a year. In return the contractor agrees to provide emergency services any time day or night. Often the contractor will waive the overtime fees or provide a discount for labor and parts. Regular customers usually are placed at the top of the list, when emergency service calls come in.

Routine maintenance will often prevent the need for emergency visits, because parts on the verge of wearing out will be replaced. The Heating Forest Park technician will also clean the system, which can extend the life of the machinery. Replacing furnace filters keep the air in a house cleaner and helps the furnace work more efficiently. While the technician will clean or replace the filter during the annual inspection, it might be necessary for the homeowner to do this monthly during the peak heating season. If the technician agrees that this is a good idea, he will show the homeowner how to do this.

Energy bills are a major expenditure for homeowners. A well-maintained furnace will use less energy. However, heating technologies change about every 15 years. So an older system, no matter how well it is maintained, will always be less efficient than a new one. Federal and state governments have created tax rebate programs to help low-income families afford new technology. Not only will this decrease pollution and energy consumption, but it will lower the family’s monthly energy bills as well.

Many Heating Contractor Forest Park companies will help their customers finance new systems. They know that it’s hard for families to plan for a new heating system. Most take a variety of credit cards. Others let a customer pay cash for a new heating system over a period of 12 months.

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