Workers’ Compensation Claims and Occupational Health in Cincinnati, Ohio

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Health

Workers’ compensation claims fall under the heading of Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH. To qualify as a worker’s compensation claim, however, the patient must be able to prove the correlation between the injury or illness and their job duties. Any time an individual is doing something under the direction of their employer or for their employer’s benefit may file this type of claim if they are injured or become ill. In addition, other eligibility requirements must be met. Before heading in for treatment, workers need to understand these requirements and what they may be asked to pay for their medical care.

The first eligibility requirement that a person must meet to file a workers’ compensation claim is they must be doing work for someone who has to carry this type of insurance. Not all employers are mandated to do so, and one must know which group their employer falls in before obtaining treatment. This typically depends on the number of people employed by the company, the type of business and the type of work employees are expected to do.

The person must be employed by the company. Independent contractors are not able to file a claim against the person they are working for as they aren’t an employee, but some employers label individuals as independent contractors when the law actually defines them as employees. Volunteers aren’t employees either, but there are exceptions to this rule also. For this reason, anyone who is injured or becomes ill as a result of their duties may wish to obtain legal advice regarding medical care.

The injury or illness must be linked to the patient’s work. The work being done must benefit the employer in some way to qualify. In addition, certain individuals and employers are exempt from this rule. This includes domestic workers, farm workers and seasonal workers, in many situations.

Anyone in need of Occupational Health in Cincinnati OH may wish to turn to This provider offers shorter wait times and extended business hours to assist employees with claims of this type. In addition, the facility offers on-site workers’ compensation rehabilitation for continuity of care. Contact them today for all of your occupational health needs. They will be more than happy to help.

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