Workers Compensation Attorney Rochester NY Q & A

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Lawyers

There are many reasons a person chooses to seek a workers compensation attorney. This simple Q&A provides you with facts about filing for workers compensation and how to find the best attorney to handle your case.

Q: My employer is denying me workers compensation even though I am not fit to return to work. Why would a company deny workers compensation?
A: The simple answer is money. If there’s a workers compensation claim towards the insurance company, the fee the company pays rises substantially. To avoid this a company can deny an employee workers compensation and hope the employee quits or takes a leave without pay. This is all too common and regularly happens to hardworking employees who deserve workers compensation.

Q: How do I find a Workers Compensation Attorney Rochester NY?
A: The easiest way to find a workers compensation attorney is through the recommendation of a co-worker or online. You can find qualified, legal assistance online and check out all reviews over the attorney. This gives you the information you need to choose the attorney that best suits your needs.

Q: Can any workers compensation attorney represent me?
A: Technically yes. The idea is to hire a workers compensation attorney who has experience specific to your accident and injury. The attorney should have considerable experience representing workers compensation claimants. This will show that the person is capable of representing you in a professional manner and has a success rate.

Q: How do I pay the workers compensation attorney Rochester NY?
A: The majority of Workers Compensation Attorneys are paid by a fixed percentage taken from the fee awarded. This usually ranges anywhere from 5-10%. Nearly all workers compensation attorneys work on a contingency basis. If you aren’t awarded any money – the attorney is not paid.

Q: I feel well enough to return to work, but on light duty. Is my employer obligated to provide this to me?
A: In most states, the employer must find a job for you to do that allows you to be paid without injuring yourself. If you are recovering or must return to work on light duty, the employer is obligated to create a position for you. This is often an area where a workers compensation attorney is sought. The employer may refuse to provide this opportunity to a person. The employer may also force the person to return to their previous job thus risking further injury.

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