A Criminal Lawyer Long Beach is a lawyer who provides counsel for individuals who face criminal charges. A lawyer who practices in criminal law represents cases that relate to DUI charges, felonies, and criminal misdemeanors. They additionally provide legal counsel for juvenile-based offenses.

DUI Charges :

DUI charges relate to driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance. In California, any individual convicted of these charges is sentenced based on the number of previous convictions appear on his or her criminal record. In this state if any of three circumstances applies to the accused the charge is classified as a felony.

These circumstances include death or injury of another party due to DUI, an existing felony DUI charge, and a criminal history consisting of three or more DUI charges in the last ten years. If the defendant was involved in an automobile accident due to driving under the influence, additional charges may apply.

Vehicular Homicide and Involuntary Manslaughter :

DUI-related automobile accidents that resulted in one or more deaths may produce additional charges. Vehicular homicide is a murder charge that involves the use of an automobile to commit the crime. Involuntary manslaughter is a lesser charge that is essentially a murder charge in which death was not intended. Defendants may receive either of these charges due to the circumstances of a DUI-related death charge.

Felony Charges :

Felony charges are classified based on the severity of the crime. Among the most well-known, felonies are burglary, domestic violence, murder, drug-related charges, and hate crimes. The classifications applied to these felonies are based on malice and brutality of the crimes themselves.

Juvenile Offenses :

A juvenile offense is a crime committed by an individual under the legal age of 18. The criminal charges are classified as felony or misdemeanor based on the crime committed. Juveniles are typically transferred to a juvenile detention center upon arrest.

Criminal Attorney Representation :

A Criminal Attorney Long Beach represents these cases in a court of law. During the process, the attorney advocates the rights of the accused. He or she provides the defendant with information related to his or her criminal charge. This includes updates related to scheduled court appearances, posting bail, and the progression of the case.

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