Why Using Airport Shuttles in Fort Myers FL Makes Sense

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Transportation

After landing at the airport, there are several options for getting to the hotel. One of the best ways to manage the task is to grab a shuttle. Here are some of the advantages of going this route instead of waiting in line for a rental car or hailing a taxi.

One is Coming Up Soon

No matter what time of the morning or evening the flight arrives, there are always Airport Shuttles in Fort Myers FL on hand. Even if the shuttle is leaving just as the flight is pulling in at the gate, the traveler will find there is a very short wait for the next one. By the time the luggage is collected and the traveler gets to the area set aside for ground transportation, it will only be a few minutes before the shuttle is back and ready to take on more customers.

Enjoying the View

For people who have never visited the area before, getting to the hotel by way of a shuttle means being able to settle back and enjoy the scenery. There are no worries about finding the way out of the airport or trying to work with a map or GPS in order to find the hotel. Rest assured the driver knows how to get there without any trouble. Even if the plan is to rent a car for the stay, it will be easy enough to set up the rental through the concierge at the hotel.

Cost Effective

In most cases, the traveler will find that taking the shuttle is more affordable than other travel options. For one low rate, it is easy enough to get from the airport to the front door of the hotel. Remember that when the trip is over, and it is time to head back to the airport, the same rate will apply.

For those planning trips, browse our website and learn more about airport shuttles in Fort Myers FL and what they bring to the table. After getting a better idea of why they are the ideal way to get to and from the airport, the chances are that this option will be part of the travel plans.

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