Why Talking with a Bathroom Contractor in Toms River NJ Matters

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

It would be nice to make some changes to the guest bathroom, but the homeowner is not sure what type of updates would be best. This is where advice from a Bathroom Contractor in Toms River NJ will come in handy. By discussing these important elements of the renovation, it will be possible to come up with a plan that the client will like, and that will make the space more functional and attractive than ever.

Utilization of the Space

One of the things that have bothered the homeowner for some time is the amount of wasted space in the guest bathroom. The layout is not all that efficient, and no amount of adding shelves seems to help. The Bathroom Contractor in Toms River NJ can take a look at the square footage and make some suggestions on how to put that wasted space to better use. With the right plans, the bathroom will look better and also provide more of the benefits that the homeowner wants.

Running New Lines

Part of the renovation will involve moving some of the major elements and possibly adding a new one. For example, the contractor may point out that by doing away with the current tub and shower combination, it would be possible to install a garden tub in one corner while still keeping a shower stall in the opposite corner. Moving the lavatory and sink over a little would also make the space seem comfortable rather than cramped. Since this would involve running new plumbing lines, the contractor can provide some insight into how this can be done and also how much the new lines would cost.

Addressing the Look of the Space

There are also decisions to be made about the tile and other decorative elements in the space. Would the client like to go with a whole new look? If so, that will involve removing the old wall and floor tiles and replacing them with something new. The contractor can provide some ideas to consider, along with the expense involved with this aspect of the renovation.

For anyone planning a bathroom renovation soon, click here and set up a service call with a professional. It will not take long to come up with the right plan, determine the cost, and set a date for the project to get underway.

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