Not long ago Kingwood area patients with non-serious medical needs basically had two options. Either they made appointments and waited to see their doctors or visited hospital emergency rooms. Today many of those needs are being met by an Urgent Care Clinic in Kingwood. Facilities like Northeast Urgent Care And Weight Loss Clinic are popular because they are efficient, convenient, well-equipped, and staffed by caring professionals who provide a variety of treatments.

Clinics Work With Patients’ Lifestyles

Most non-emergency medical care requires attention but is not considered a priority in hospital emergency rooms. As a result, patients with the flu, cuts, sprains, and similar issues often wait for hours before being treated by the ER staff. In contrast, an Urgent Care Clinic in Kingwood is patient friendly and efficient. Clients sign in, provide payment or insurance information, and are generally seen within a very short time. Since most clinics include labs and pharmacies, patients often get everything they need without using up an entire day. The facilities also offer extended hours, making it easy for patients to get in before or after work and on weekends.

Clinics Offer a Variety of Solutions

Despite the fact that urgent care facilities are much smaller than hospitals, they can treat many problems because they are equipped with cutting-edge equipment. Many provide on-site X-rays, EKG’s, and even DNA testing. Doctors and other medical professionals will treat lacerations, sprains, acute illnesses, and dozens of other minor emergencies. They may offer affordable sports, employment, and school physicals. Parents depend on them to treat kids suffering from scrapes, earaches, rashes and colds.

Clinics May Be Weight Loss Centers

It is becoming common for urgent care centers to include specialty programs like weight loss help. Patients are examined carefully, and physicians design solutions that work with their health and goals. These can include the HCG diet, which may involve injections or pills combined with low-calorie dieting. Patients might also be offered B12 injections or prescription diet medications.

Many patients now use urgent care centers for most of their medical needs. That is often because the clinics offer convenient hours and see patients quickly. They are also popular because they offer a wide range of minor emergency treatments as well as routine health care and diet programs.

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