Why Go Ductless?

by | May 11, 2012 | Business

Have you ever wondered if there are any substantial benefits that come with getting ductless air conditioning installed in Parkville? In many ways, ductless air conditioning is the next big thing where heating and cooling are concerned. For quite some time, central air conditioning was considered the ultimate form of air conditioning available, but there are numerous drawbacks that prevent it from being an ideal option for many home and business owners. If you’re unsure of whether or not you stand to gain anything from getting ductless air conditioning in Parkville, then read on for a more comprehensive look at just what this type of system brings to the table.

Central air conditioning works by pumping air through a series of ducts spread throughout a building. Because these air conditioning systems are designed to spread air evenly, there’s no need to have multiple smaller air conditioning units placed in each room; every room gets the same amount of cool air without the added inconvenience of having to set up multiple pieces of equipment. But as wonderful as central air conditioning might be, there’s just one problem: not all buildings come equipped with ducts, so a duct-based heating and cooling system might not be a viable option.

You might be wondering why more people don’t just have ducts installed for buildings that don’t have them. The answer is that this is easier said than done. While it’s possible to have ducts added where they weren’t present before, doing so is often exceedingly expensive. Many people don’t consider the option to be very cost-effective and prefer to stick to alternatives. This is why ductless air conditioning systems are so popular in places like Parkville. They come with many of the same great benefits as central air conditioning units, but they’re not held back by the need for ducts.

Ductless air conditioners consist of two basic parts. Typically, there will be one or more pieces of equipment located inside the building; these are affixed to the wall, and their purpose is to spread air throughout a given room. In addition to this, there will be a device located outside, connected to the indoor portion of the ductless air conditioning unit by tubing. The tubing transports coolant between these separate parts of the system, controlling the temperature of the air in a manner similar to the way many central air conditioning systems work.

In addition to being more inexpensive to install, ductless air conditioning units can also be set up much more quickly. Whereas it could take weeks to lay down a series of ducts, a standard ductless air conditioner can often be installed in a single day.

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