Why Book A Wedding at Odyssey Country Club?

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Wedding & Receptions

Offers complete information covering the features and amenities offered at this unique venue. While planning a wedding is stressful, one of the first decisions to make is where to host the event. Once this is decided, all the details will begin to fall into place. Some of the reasons to choose this wedding venue are highlighted here.

The Atmosphere

When a person visit Odyssey country club they can view the atmosphere of the event venue. It is set up for large events and to accommodate large numbers of guests. However, there are also smaller spaces where smaller, more intimate wedding receptions can take place. Take some time to view the venue prior to making a decision since this will allow the bride and groom to make an educated decision regarding if this is the right venue for their big day.

On-Site Catering

One of the most appealing features of booking the Odyssey Country Club for a wedding is the on-site catering services they offer. They offer all types of dishes and cuisine for weddings that are created by award-winning chefs. There is no doubt that catering is a huge expense for many wedding receptions and when it can be included in the venue rental price it can help a couple stay on budget.

Affordable Venue Option

The venue for the wedding and reception is one of the largest expenses present for any wedding. However, when the Odyssey Country Club is booked, couples can feel confident they have picked a beautiful venue, featuring on-site catering and that is offered for an affordable price. This offers a win-win for any couple, especially if they have a limited budget for this portion of their wedding expenses.

Take some time to visit and explore this venue to determine if it is right for an event. In addition to weddings, the venue is ideal for corporate events, banquets and any other gathering that may be planned. The professional staff and atmosphere make it ideal and comfortable for guests, regardless of what the occasion is or how many people are going to be attending the planned events.

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