While many automobile owners understand the importance of maintaining the engine, they tend to not be quite as diligent with the transmission. Other than having the fluid level checked, they do not consider what could be happening with this particular part of the family car. The fact is that if any sign indicates the transmission is not working properly, now is the time to seek help. Here are some examples that signal the owner that some sort of Transmission Repair in Norfolk VA needs to happen now.

Shifting Gears Takes Time

With any type of transmission, shifting gears is something that should be easy. With an automatic transmission, moving from park to reverse should mean the car is ready to go backwards without any type of delay. If the transmission seems to hesitate for several seconds before slipping into the desired gear, that does mean something is not working as it should. If the owner finds that it takes stepping on the gas pedal to make the shift happen, there is no doubt that the car needs attention now. Take it immediately to a repair ship before something dire occurs. Doing so will decrease the odds of the transmission locking up and needing more than a simple repair.

Slipping Out of Gear

Think of what it would be like if the car suddenly shifted out of gear while in operation. This would be enough of an issue if the car is being driven along a city street. Consider what would happen if the transmission slipped from drive to neutral on a busy highway. If this happens once, rest assured it will happen again. Get the car to a shop and arrange for a Transmission Repair in Norfolk VA as quickly as possible.

In the best case scenario, a transmission will last for the life of the car. When anything seems to be not working as it should, click here and arrange to take the vehicle in for repairs at once. Doing so will prevent the issue from causing more problems, and will also ensure that the car owner does not end up stranded by the side of the road at the most inconvenient time.

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