Evaporative fans or Misting Fans can be used effectively in a variety of industries. Fans and systems can be purchased outright or rented. Here are just some ways that individual fans and misting systems are used.

Professional Sports

Misting fans are used to cool off overheated athletes in a variety of sports, from football, NASCAR racing to horse racing. They can also be used to effectively cool off overheated fans. Misting fans can be seen in action during the Super Bowl, the Summer Olympics and major thoroughbred race tracks such as Saratoga and Belmont.

Search And Rescue

A burnt-out building or one collapsed due to an earthquake produces dust so thick that it can turn day into night. Misting systems help to reduce dust in the air and increase visibility and better breathing conditions for search and rescue teams. A huge industrial misting system helped with the relief efforts at Ground Zero in New York City after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Restaurant And Fine Dining

Eating al fresco is an affordable luxury, but not during hot and humid weather. Restaurants and pubs extend their dining table space by using misting fans and misting systems to cool off outdoor dining areas. Misting also helps reduce tobacco smoke odors, so people who choose to smoke outdoors while eating will not bother other diners.

Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturers turn to misting systems to help reduce odors, clear the air of fine particles and keep temperatures cool. This not only helps make a better product, but helps protect the health of the employees.


Warehouses can generate a massive amount of heat, no matter where in the country they are located. Keeping the warehouse temperature and humidity levels even through the use of misting fans and misting fan systems helps to reduce fire risk and keep expensive goods from getting spoiled or warped. Warehouse employees also are quickly cooled by the fans.


Major hotels chains and casino resorts located in hot climates use misting systems for the comfort of their guests and their employees. Water is evaporated so quickly that it cools the air but does not drench the customers.