John P. Condon Funeral HomePlanning for a cremationWhen considering whether Cremation Atlantic in Highlands or burial is the better option, there are a couple of cremation advantages that should be known. The first major advantage of cremation is that it is far less expensive than a standard burial with a casket. Cremation can be thousands of dollars less than a traditional burial. A funeral is an extremely expensive event, and this means that choosing cremation over burial can leave enough money to take care of other things like flowers and funeral speakers.

Another major advantage of choosing Cremation Atlantic in Highlands rather than burial with a casket is that there are more choices regarding where the cremation urn is kept. With a casket, there is only one option: A cemetery. With a cremation urn, there are several choices. It is possible to keep a cremation urn at home on a shelf or mantle, in a columbarium, or even in a cemetery plot if desired.

Cremation is also the choice that some people prefer because it is simpler. Planning for a cremation is very easy, and cremation can even be arranged years in advance for those who want to have their own final arrangements taken care of. Some people worry about their loved ones being burdened with a lot of complicated funeral decisions, and they choose to arrange cremation in advance to make it easy on their survivors.

Cremation urns can be as simple or as intricate as desired. Some particularly large and ornate cremation urns have a slot where the ashes are kept since the urn is so huge. It is often possible to request that the ashes be divided into two parts. This allows for the scattering of some of the ashes while the rest of them remain in the cremation urn. If a loved one had a last wish to have their ashes scattered, this is a way to make their final wish come true while still keeping a part of them in the cremation urn. If considering whether burial or cremation is best for your loved one, consider calling the John P. Condon Funeral Home!

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