The views of religion in our country are changing as we welcome more and more cultures into our midst. This means that although we are still a majority of Christians as a society there are more religions living in the U.S. than ever before. As a Christian your heart is full of love and yet it is difficult when those of other religions and beliefs choose to “protest” about your religion. A recent decision to ban bibles from an Iowa hotel is an example of how Christianity faces challenges each day. However as a Christian it is good to remember it is still your right to carry your own bible if they are no longer placed in public spaces such as hotel rooms.

Hotel Memorial Union

The hotel in question, Hotel Memorial Union is affiliated with the Iowa public university system which means it cannot show preference to any one religion. Because of this the hotel agreed to remove the bibles from their traditional place in the hotel room’s night side tables. The bibles will not be completely removed from the hotel. Instead they will be placed in the hotel’s library so that those who wish access to them can use them. The bibles will be move on March 1st.

Strength from Faith

As your world changes it is important to remember your faith should not. It has often been the plight of Christians to be steadfast and true even in the face of adversity. It has been so for many races and religions and being true to your faith will continue to provide you with strength. Bible Prophecy in the News continues to appear everyday. Many view these prophecies as omens of the end of days. However there are many positive messages to be found each day.

The decision to ban bibles was made for the sake of the greater good but does not take away from your personal beliefs. Instead it is a way of allowing all members of our society to feel they have equal rights. Remember that it is your right to read your bible on a regular basis in order to stay close to God and that it is important to maintain brotherly love even if it seems that love is not being returned.

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