When people need to make some money fast, one of the first things they should consider is selling their jewelry. One thing that many people are surprised to learn is that jewelry does not have to be in good condition to be useful for cash generation. In fact, Jewelry Stores in Cocoa FL are usually willing to buy jewelry even if it is tarnished, broken, or completely out of style.

The most commonly sold jewelry in the United States today is gold. The types of gold that are sold at jewelry stores and pawn shops usually include the following.
18 Karat Gold: 18 karat gold jewelry is created from primarily pure gold. It’s 18 parts gold with the remaining 6 parts being a metal like copper. Since 18 karat gold has so much real gold content, it has a very vibrant butter yellow color.

14 Karat Gold: 14 karat gold is created from more than half real gold. It is 14 parts genuine gold and 10 parts copper or other base metals. This gold is a less vibrant yellow color than 18 karat gold.

10 Karat Gold: 10 karat gold has the lowest proportion of genuine gold out of all the gold types. It has 10 parts real gold and 14 parts base metal. 10 karat gold is a light gold color.

Only pure gold, which is 24 karat gold, actually has a very bright yellow color. This gold is worth a tremendous amount of money when sold at pawn shops or jewelry stores, but 24 karat gold is only very rarely used for the creation of jewelry. This kind of gold is not only extremely costly, but it is very soft. This means that it’s too delicate to use in most jewelry pieces.

When planning to sell gold at a jewelry store, it is best to look for the engraving on each jewelry piece first. Try to sort them so that it is clear which is which. This will allow the jewelry store employees to evaluate and weigh the jewelry as quickly as possible. The Gold Mine Brevard is one of the top jewelry stores in Cocoa FL. They offer pawns on jewelry, loans on jewelry, and the sale of high-quality gold and silver jewelry at reasonable prices.