MPLS Consulting at Veritivity is a way of making sure packets of data are prioritized and get to the destinations to which they are intended. MPLS ensures that all this is done through a secure virtually private network.

When looking at wide area networks, commonly abbreviated as WAN’s, MPLS service providers are arguably the most effective. Here are some of the reasons why many companies are advised to use MPLS after their consultation with contact Curtis Burnside:

Outsourced Routing

The carrier handles WAN routing, meaning the user does not have to. This makes MPLS simpler than having to manage a large routed network.

Any-to-any Connectivity, providing for a fully meshed network

MPLS makes it simpler to interconnect sites with one another to handle any-to-any traffic patterns.

Built-in support for Quality of Service

Users can specify packet loss, latency, jitter and minimum thresholds for each type of traffic.

Service-level Agreements with Delivery Guarantees

MPLS comes with guarantees from the carrier as far as installation and availability are concerned.

The top five reasons to move to MPLS are: Cost savings, QOS (Quality of Service) enablement, improved performance, disaster recovery and future-proofing the network. In order to better understand what effective MPLS should do for you, some of the most important questions to ask your MPLS service provider include: Will CoS tags be adhered from edge to edge? Will your business be compensated if commitments are not followed through? Are there SLA’s particularly for each class of service? And finally, what guarantees are there for jitter, packet loss and latency?

One of the most popular uses for MPLS is to connect branch offices to a host or headquarters location or data centers and interconnect branch offices to one another. It is specifically useful for such situations as;

Different types of traffic share a data connection with some types of traffic needing to be prioritized over others.

Up-time is key with major locations having more than one connection so that alternate paths always exist.

When Network congestion is being experienced Companies that are growing quickly, merging or adding new branches. Perhaps adding VoIP or videoconferencing capabilities.

This high level of versatility in purpose is the main reason why MPLS Consulting at Veritivity is so often sought after by companies desirous of building a bulletproof mission-critical wide-area network.