No one plans for it, but a fire can destroy a home leaving the family with no where to go and no idea what to do next. First thing is to take care of the family and get a roof over your head. Either find a shelter, neighbor, family or friend to get rest before trying to sort out what may be left and what to do next. If you have had fire damage in Apple Valley, CA there are certain steps to follow to help you take action.

After you seek refuge, the the first step to take is to contact your insurance company. Your agent can start addressing your concerns such as getting rid of water, covering broken doors and windows, and securing all other openings. Next, your agent will give you the painstaking task of writing down everything you lost in the fire. It may be handy to have everyone in the family carry a paper and pen at all times so they can continually jot down what they remember and possibly the price they paid for the item destroyed.

After you have received the permission of the local fire department, you may re-enter the premises, but don’t do so alone. While you are waiting for access, call a Fire damage in Apple Valley, CA company right away. These experts are professionally trained in preventing additional damage, estimating and repairing damage, professional estimates of costs to replace items, storing items, hiring repair contractors specifically trained in restoration services.

After putting the professionals to work on your behalf in restoring your residence, it is time to get your finances in order. Contact all the companies that you had credit with, banking services, government documents such as a social security card and drivers license. Inform these companies of what happened on how to send replacement documents. Save all your receipts for anything you purchase after the fire, from the cost to replace the records to appliances and other household goods.

During the restoration period from Fire damage in Apple Valley, CA it may be a good idea to let the police in you area know your time frame. If you have to make trips where the home will be vacant, alert the local authorities so they can drive by the home and make sure it is not being vandalized.
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