If your home is overrun with garbage, or if you are moving and looking to seriously de-clutter your home before the big day, you may be considering using a garbage removal service Ithaca NY. Many people use these services to haul away large pieces of garbage, such as old, damaged furniture, or large amounts of garbage, but few people realize that these companies offer many services beyond just junk hauling. Here are some of the services that are offered by these types of companies.


One of the types of services that these companies offer is recycling programs. Often times, many of the items that are in a home that you no longer want can be recycled. For example, old appliances can be recycled and the metal can be used to make new items. Unfortunately, getting these large items to the right recycling plant can be difficult. A garbage removal company can help by lifting and hauling your items to the right plant for recycling.

Paper Shredding:

Many of us store personal paperwork, such as tax information and credit card bills, longer than we need to. Once we are cleaning house or preparing for a move, we realize just how much paperwork we have. Unfortunately, this type of information shouldn’t simply be placed in the trash. Thieves go through trash looking for personal information, such as social security numbers and credit card numbers in order to steal your account numbers, bank information or even your identity. garbage removal Ithaca NY service can shred the papers for you, and then dispose of the shredded paperwork.


The last type of service that is offered by junk removal companies is laborers. Most people think that when you use a service, a large dumpster is brought to your home, and you are left to fill it up on your own. But this is not always the case. If you want or need to, you can hire laborers directly from these companies, so you don’t have to lift or move any of your heavy items. They will load all of your junk into the dumpster for you, making the process of cleaning or de-cluttering that much easier.