When the front wheels on your car are aligned they are calibrated so that they both point straight ahead. The work can be done in many garages, especially those that specialize in selling tires. The correct wheel alignment in Mount Vernon WA makes the vehicle track in a straight line and reduces irregular wear on the tires. When wheels are not properly aligned, a number of problems can ensue.

It takes little to knock wheels out of alignment, an accidental rubbing against a curb or bumping a parking block can do it. Once the tire or tires are out of alignment, the cars orientation is not dead center. Although the human eye cannot spot when the wheels are out of alignment, it does not take long before the effects become noticeable.

There are signs that the wheels are out of alignment, these are felt while behind the steering wheel of the vehicle. Any tire that is not pointed dead center will pull the vehicle in the direction the wheel is pointing. If the right side tire is pointed somewhat inward, the steering wheel pulls to the left when you drive on a flat road surface. To keep the vehicle traveling straight, the driver will have to maintain steady pressure on the right side of the wheel. This is an annoyance at best, at worst it is rapidly wearing the misaligned tire because of the “drag” the tire is subjected to. This drag can have a detrimental effect on mileage as well.
When you look at the tread of a tire and see that it is worn more on either the inside or the outside, this is a result of poor alignment. Without proper wheel alignment in Mount Vernon WA it takes surprisingly little time for the tread to wear down smooth while on the other side it is as good as new. If there are cups in the tread that indicates that the wheels are also out of balance.

To align wheels the car is placed on a slightly elevated platform. The wheels begin to spin as a computer calculates the exact orientation. Based on the details of your car, the computer compares the results to a data base of manufacturer’s specs and adjustments are made. After alignment the test is run again.

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