Various parts of the body can be improved and enhanced through liposuction, an elective cosmetic surgery. One of the areas of the body that has become a popular spot for liposuction in Prince Georges County is the neck. As a person ages, the skin weakens and loses its natural elasticity. When this happens, the skin droops and sags providing an ideal area for the deposit of fatty tissue. Hanging jowls and a sagging neck are bothersome to many people and they turn to neck liposuction as the solution.

As little as they are, all surgery has associated risks and it is important that the candidate for the procedure discuss the risks with the surgeon, it is also important to ask the surgeons opinion of the outcome as many people can have elevated expectations of a cosmetic procedure. Any surgery has a better chance of success if the patient is relatively healthy in the first place, the healthier the patient is, the fewer the risks. Listen carefully to the doctor, weigh the risks and benefits and then move on with the procedure.

Liposuction in Prince Georges County is very much a cosmetic procedure and the biggest reward for those who have neck liposuction is a gain in confidence with the removal of the double chin and sagging jowls. Since the face and neck area are most prominent, any cosmetic procedures have a dramatic effect. The procedure can literally knock years off the appearance of a person who has a tighter and firmer neck.

When you believe that liposuction is a procedure that will enhance your looks and self esteem, the first step is a consultation with the doctor. The doctor will get a full medical history, discuss your lifestyle, weight variances that you may have and your body image. The doctor will make an assessment of your skin condition, looking for muscle tone, checking elasticity and looking at areas that are prone to the collection of fatty tissue.

On the day the surgery is slated, the surgeon will mark the neck area that is going to be subjected to fat removal. The doctor will maintain your body fluid with an IV and you will be given a sedative or be subjected to general anesthesia.

Neck liposuction will rarely require an overnight stay in hospital, you can return home a few hours after the procedure.

If you believe there are areas of your body that can be enhanced through liposuction in Prince Georges County you are invited to make an appointment at Aesthetic Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery Center.

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