Homeowners know that having a fireplace is a great asset, especially during cold winter nights. Along with that fireplace, it pays to make sure the chimney is kept in the best possible condition. One element homeowners often overlook is the Chimney Caps in Suffolk County NY. Here are some reasons why those caps need some attention from time to time.

What is a Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps are devices mounted at the tops, or mouths, of chimneys. Their function is to improve the draft needed to move smoke through the body of the chimney and out the top. The caps also help to minimize the amount of debris that can find its way down the chimney.

How Long do the Caps Last?

Depending on the materials used, Chimney Caps in Suffolk County NY, can last for many years. Copper is one of the more popular options, but it is possible to use any type of metal. There are traditional designs that make use of masonry for the caps, something that will add more of a decorative touch.

When Should a Cap Be Replace?

Caps should not be left in place once they begin to crack, or the screens common to the basic design are no longer preventing small animals and reptiles from gaining access to the chimney. Fortunately, many designs are bolted in place, so the process of removing a damaged cap is not difficult. A professional can often make the switch in less than an hour.

How Expensive are the Caps?

Most designs for the caps are competitively priced. Even for a homeowner who has to work within the limits of a tight budget, it is possible to find a cap that will do the job and not break the bank. A professional can recommend several styles and point out the pros and cons associated with each one.

For more information on chimney caps, visit the website and have a look at the different designs. From there, arrange to have the chimneys and caps inspected. If there is the need for a new cap, rest assured the task can be managed without a great deal of time or expense.

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