Many people find themselves dealing with dental anxiety that makes it difficult, and even impossible, for them to seek the dental help they need. Often, people have had a bad dental experience in the past and find themselves too afraid to seek further treatment. For patients that are afraid to see the dentist because of their anxiety, there is a Sedation Dentist in Redding. A sedation dentist provides services that help people to receive the dental care they need, even if they have a difficult time feeling comfortable in a dental office.

When a patient comes in to see the sedation dentist, they will first discuss their health history and their anxiety with the dental staff. This information will help the dentist to determine what type of sedation intervention the patient will need. Some people need sedation even when they have something minor done such as teeth cleaning. A dentist can give varying types of medications to help patients overcome their fears and feel completely relaxed as they have any type of dental work carried out.

There are a few different medication options people have when it comes to them being treated during dental work. For most teeth cleanings and examinations, the dentist will use laughing gas that makes a patient feel drowsy.

The dentist can also use medications that make a patient fall asleep. With this level of sedation, the patient can be awakened easily. For those who suffer from severe dental anxiety or who are having extensive work done, there is a full sedation medication. General anesthesia is used to make the patient unconscious during the procedure. This level of sedation ensures the patient will feel no pain or anxiety and will only be awakened once the procedure is complete.

Those who have dental anxiety can receive the treatment they need through a Sedation Dentist in Redding. Call them for a consultation appointment to get started on taking care of your teeth so you can have a healthy and beautiful smile.

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