There is no argument; the fact is the roof on your house is by far the most important part of the entire structure. If you have a broken window or the basement leaks you can live with it but it is all together different when the roof leaks, it can be the root of serious damage. The contractors who perform roof repairs in Fleming Island FL have seen it all and the following represents only some of the many ways a roof can be damaged.

Poor construction: The US construction industry have been going through some pretty rough times in the last few years, as a result some contractors are having to cut a few corners to get any business. When it comes to the roof the only corners to cut are to use sub-standard material and unskilled contractual labor. Using second rate materials such as two ply rather than four ply roof felt can be the difference between a long lasting roof and one that will need repairs not too many years after completion.

Normal aging: When the roofer drives the last nail and leaves the job site the roof begins to age. Asphalt shingles which are used on many houses in the US are normally warranted for at least 20 years and even more in some cases. A long warranty doesn’t necessarily mean that roof repairs in Fleming Island FL will not be required before the warranty is up. Weather is totally unpredictable and it can do a lot of damage in a short time to any roof. As the roof goes through various climatic changes it expands and then contracts and does this over and over. As the materials age they can become brittle and the slow constant movement is enough to break a shingle down, the result is a leak.

Building settles: Even though it may be very little, every building settles with some buildings settling considerably more than others. If the building is built on land which has been recently reclaimed the settling can be significant as it is the base material that the foundation rests on. As the building settles it is impossible to accurately predict what the roof structure might do but it often results in a leak.

Mechanical damage: You may wonder how a roof can be subjected to any kind of mechanical damage, it is not hard. Many people install apparatus and equipment on their roof; ham radio antennas and air conditioning equipment is prime candidates. The additional weight and stresses on the roof can break the seal on the shingles as well as cause fasteners to rise, all of which can cause damage which will result in a leak.

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