Ways to Prepare for a Gas Furnace Installation in Lakeland, FL

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

The purchase of a new gas heater is an investment in your home’s environmental system. While the day of installation is anticipated, there is some preparation work to take care before the unit goes into place. Once the preparation work is done, the installation process can proceed without delays.

At some point before the day of the Gas Furnace Installation in Lakeland FL, you should take the measurements of the gas heater and compare them with the dimensions of doorways. If the dimension of the doorways is smaller than the furnace, an alternate route will have to be planned to get the furnace into position. Door frames may have to be removed to provide more space. In some cases, the best approach might be using a window for access. If this is the case, you will need to consult your installers for the best way to get your furnace into place.

It is also prudent, before the installation, to get your gas lines checked and evaluated. You may need to have a shut-off valve installed if this is the first time you are using gas instead of electric for heating. In addition, you want to make sure that the flow is adequate and that there is no leakage in the system prior to installation. Additional gas monitoring equipment can also be installed at this time as another safety measure.

You should also have an electrician come in before the day of the Gas Furnace Installation in Lakeland FL. While the gas provides the main source of heat, electricity is used to drive the system. Ask your electrician to set this up on a separate breaker so that it can be easily isolated. Even though it won’t be a major load, a separate electrical breaker, if not already present, will make it easier to for maintenance and repair operations.

While an investment in a gas furnace will pay off, you need to prepare for its arrival. For more information on the installation procedure or on gas furnaces in general, contact Springer Brothers Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. The installation can proceed quickly once all of the preparations are done.

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