Want a Stunning Ceiling? Install a Metal Ceiling in Brooklyn, NY

Ornate metal ceilings were quite common in upscale Victorian homes at the turn of the 20th Century. People are now rediscovering this beautiful and durable material and deciding to install a Metal Ceiling Brooklyn NY. Often these are installed in kitchens or bathrooms because they stand up to stray sparks and moisture. Of course, they look stunning anywhere throughout the home. People often begin by deciding what type of finish they want. They can opt for tin or stainless steel, brass plated, chrome plated, copper plated, or even solid copper. A white pre-painted finish is also available. This is very similar to picking out a ceiling paint color.

A Metal Ceiling Brooklyn NY also comes in many distinct patterns, which provide texture to a ceiling. The tiles can be very plain with simple borders, or they can have very complex floral or geometric patterns. Skilled craftsmen often combine several tiles to create a unique pattern. This is done is the same way that tile floors are installed. If the homeowner if renovating an antique home, many metal ceiling companies can match and repair existing metal ceilings. The result is a beautiful ceiling that guests will certainly notice.

However, a Metal Ceiling Brooklyn NY, is just not pretty to look at. Metal ceilings were often installed in older restaurant kitchens because they were safer than plaster ceilings. They will also stand up to the moisture in bathrooms better than plaster ceilings. Homeowners love knowing that a metal ceiling should last about 40 years. They are also a very low-maintenance choice and just need to be dusted.

The technicians that install metal ceilings can help the homeowner decide on the best metal ceiling for their needs. If the customer is updating a kitchen, they might recommend a metal backsplash that matches the ceiling. It’s not hard to coordinate a metal ceiling and backsplash with the existing metal finishes in a kitchen. Metal backsplashes are easily cleaned and stand-up to chemicals and water.

The technicians will provide a detailed estimate before they begin any work. Abington Construction is one of the Brooklyn companies that install metal ceilings. People can visit their website to learn more about their history and services.