Using the Right Restoration Techniques for Water Damage in Virginia Beach VA

by | Jun 26, 2015 | Cleaning

A home stricken with water damage in Virginia Beach VA can have major consequences if the problem isn’t mitigated right away. Many homeowners don’t prepare themselves for potential disasters involving water damage. Homeowners should be aware that water damage in Virginia Beach VA is a time sensitive matter when it comes to restoration because soiled floors can lead to other problems when left to sit too long. Carpets and other domestic items exposed to dirty water can put the health of families at risk. A home would be exposed to dirty water if it came from floods or sewage backup. Water in this condition puts people in immediate risk of health dangers from being exposed to mildew, mold and bacteria. Companies that service homes for water damage restoration correct these problems before perilous contaminants can grow under floors.

Carpet cleaning with water extraction should be done as soon as possible after being soaked with dirty water. Homeowners can take immediate action before being serviced by moving furniture away from the soiled areas of carpet. Do whatever can be done to ventilate the room like opening windows, using fans and turning on air conditioners. Pets should be kept away from wet floors. Clean water damage would come from something like a busted pipeline. Clean water is the only kind of water that can be treated with extraction and proper drying. There is a multi-step process for cleaning floors soaked in dirty water.

Carpet cleaning service providers start the restoration process by disinfecting the carpet first. Water extraction is done using high powered industrial equipment. The carpet and sub-flooring needs to be treated for a thorough cleaning job. In many cases the padding under carpet should be replaced. Carpet padding is made of a spongy material which can easily hold bacteria. Carpet cleaning technicians can tell if water damage is too vast for the padding to be salvaged. Cleaning it may not guarantee complete sterilization. The job is finished with powerful drying equipment that quickly dries carpet material. For non-emergency service, carpets can keep that fresh, clean look with professional cleaning. Foot traffic and stains can change the color of carpet and be so noticeable that it hides the beauty of the room. Contact a local carpet cleaning company for more details about services.

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