Do you want to breathe life into your kitchen with old-word charm? Well, it is time to get started. The size of the kitchen does not matter, but the right design elements and features do. Tuscan kitchens are a staple in good design, and they will add beauty and warmth to any kitchen. Kitchens with this style will often feature iron accents, terra-cotta floors, beams, rough plaster walls and countertops in Tucson. Other design elements may be included too. For example, a beautifully designed mural is a wonderful piece of art, and it can add a focal point to the kitchen. One of a wine vineyard is ideal. However, a hillside that reflects warm colors in nature will work too.

Colors do matter when planning out the design of the kitchen. Professional designers will use natural earthy colors. These colors are warm, and they will pull in other natural elements in the room. The countertops can be high-end tiles or laminate. A neutral color to tie the room together is ideal. No checks or busy patterns should be employed. Marble finishes that reflect a neutral pallet is a popular option. Limestone is another option that many designers choose. However, do not discount a walnut laminate. The wood look is in keeping with the earthy design elements.

The cabinetry should employ iron pulls. These pulls will add to the earthy look and old warm charm. Rough plaster on the walls is a wonderful way to give an authentic feel. Beams are usually seen in the ceilings of these kitchens. However, if this is not possible, bring in a warm earth colors from a beautiful pendant light. It can be placed over the kitchen table, sink or in the middle of the kitchen. It is wise to make sure that the pendant has iron elements. The light should illuminate the kitchen countertops. The beauty is in the details of the counters. Be sure to have enough lighting to showcase it.

A good designer will bring this look together. Professionals will show the homeowner the options in terms of colors and materials. These kitchens will add value to any home.