Use a Safe Cloud Hosting Company in Seattle That Has Experienced IT Experts

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Business

Technology has rapidly changed in the past few years. This has made it possible for many companies to work in the cloud and utilize specific software for their business. If your company is taking part in this revolution, you may be using accounting software such as Sage or QuickBooks. To take advantage of the software, you’ll need to have a Sage ERP hosting account so that members of your team can collaborate and even share your financials with an accountant.

Provides High Security

While working in a private cloud environment is convenient, it also means that you must do all you can to protect your data from cyber threats. By utilizing a Sage ERP hosting solution from a trusted provider, you’ll have access to the cloud and peace of mind knowing that the environment is being run by a savvy group of IT specialists. This allows you to focus on your business and leave the technical aspects to experts in that area.

Achieve Access Anywhere

Another advantage of working in the cloud and having a Sage ERP hosting account is easy to see when you can collaborate in one place with members of your team who are in the office, home on the weekend or traveling. The access to each of your employees makes this type of hosting package efficient and highly effective when you’re trying to increase productivity in your business.

Backed Up by 24/7 Support

When you choose a cloud solution for your accounting software requirements, it’s important to have IT professionals you can count on when things go wrong or you just want to customize how you work with the software. By utilizing this type of hosting account, this support is included. This allows you to spend more time working with your financials than chasing down an IT specialist for assistance.

If you’re ready to hop onto the cloud with your financials and Sage ERP software, be sure to visit Swizznet at

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