There are countless numbers of STDs in the world and there are millions of people who currently suffer with them. One of the most common STDs out there is genital herpes simplex. It’s estimated that over one in six people have been infected with the disease. The people who suffer from this condition range from teenagers to the elderly. It doesn’t take much to contract the disease. Some people have the misconception that only those who have multiple partners will get infected. Although engaging in sexual activity with several partners can increase your chances of becoming infected, it only takes one act of unprotected sex to contract the disease.

Most people who fear contracting genital herpes simplex are always on the lookout for the telltale signs of the disease. Those who have been infected will typically experience irritation somewhere around their genitals. These areas will generally be populated with red spots that are very painful. When the infected experience them for the first time, they tend to have a very terrible experience. Victims have reported feeling sick, feverish, lethargic, and pain throughout their body. However, these symptoms aren’t always this severe.

There are a few ways that these infections can be handled. Most doctors will prescribe some type of ointment or antibiotic in order to fight the infection. However, these medications won’t prevent a breakout from occurring sometime in the future. Home remedies can include something as simple as a warm shower. A warm shower can soothe the irritation and curb the pain. However, you may want to avoid taking a warm bath because this could allow the virus to potentially spread.

Some experts have suggested rubbing baby powder or cornstarch on the sores. The infected area can sometimes become very moist, which encourages the urge to scratch. This in turn prevents the infection from healing. Powders, such as cornstarch, do a tremendous job at drying the area. The dryer the infected area is the sooner it’ll heal. There are a number of other home remedies that can be used. They’re very inexpensive and very effective. In order to avoid using these at all, you should always remember to use safe sex practices, and make sure your partner is free of STDs.