No one looks forward to being arrested and spending the night in jail. The thing to keep in mind is that if the judge chooses to set bail, calling a professional and arranging for a Bail Bond is the best way to get home safe and sound quickly. Here are a few things people need to understand about the bond and why it makes such a difference.

What the Bond Accomplishes

The purpose of the Bail Bond is to allow individuals who have been arrested the opportunity to remain free until their scheduled court date. With many types of offenses, the judge will determine that the individual does not represent a flight risk and is highly likely to show up for that day in court. Rather than keep the person confined in the interim, the judge will set an amount for bail. Assuming the person can provide the bail money, the release will be processed in a matter of hours.

Not everyone has the cash on hand to cover the total cost of the bail. This is where obtaining a bond comes into play. A bonding company will step in as a representative of the client and provide a percentage of the total bail plus a guarantee that the person will return for the court date. The court accepts this pledge and allows the individual to go free. In exchange for the help, the client pays a fee to the bonding agent.

Why Seek a Bond?

There are plenty of reasons to call a bonding company and arrange to be bailed out of jail. One has to do with keeping a low profile with the arrest. Rather than having the whole town know about it, being out on bail makes it easier to keep things quiet. In addition, being out on bail provides the opportunity to still go to work each day. There is also time to hire an attorney and prepare a defense prior to that upcoming court date.

For anyone facing the prospect of arrest, it pays to call Liberty Bail Bonds immediately. A bonding professional will be on hand when the court sets the bail amount and be prepared to make the necessary arrangements. In no time at all, the client will be free and have the chance to make whatever arrangements are necessary before the court date arrives. You can follow them on Twitter.

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