Understand how Aerobic Septic Systems in Hawaii Work

Septic systems are important in all homes and business premises. They ensure proper waste management by biodegrading the waste into harmless components. In fact, some states have enforced laws requiring new home constructions to incorporate aerobic septic systems. Below are details explaining how Aerobic Septic Systems in Hawaii work:

Pre-treatment tank

This is the initial stage of the waste treatment. Most of the solid wastes such as toilet papers and viscous fluids such as oil are filtered here. This step is necessary so as to avoid clogging in the aerobic chamber which would be expensive to repair.

Aerobic chamber

In this phase, a lot of air is pumped into the chamber. This is aimed at increasing the number of bacteria in the chamber. The bacteria naturally digest most of the solid wastes reducing it to considerable levels. There is a continuous replenishment of fresh air in this phase to maintain a high level of bacteria activity.

Clarifying chamber

Since not all the solid wastes are digested by the bacteria in the aerobic chamber, the remaining waste is allowed to settle in the clarifying chamber. The waste water is allowed sufficient time to settle before proceeding to the next phase.

Pumping chamber

This is the final phase of the treatment process. Unstabilized chlorine is added to the waste-water to kill any kind of germs that could have survived all the other phases.After this treatment, the water is now fit for recycling. The water is channeled through to an absorption field from where the water can be utilized for the irrigation process.

Clearly aerobic septic systems in Hawaii are easy to install and use since they only follow the above-mentioned steps. Furthermore, these systems can be used in basically all kinds of environments regardless of the soil type or prevailing climatic conditions. You should, however, hire professionals to install the system for you so that it remains efficient for a long time.

The company you hire to install the system should possess all the necessary permits from the authorities. Installing of all the chambers can be a tedious, and technical process, and only a competent company can be up to the task. In order to find such a company, visit us website.