The end dump trailer in San Antonio is basically a truck which is normally used in the transportation of loose materials which include sand, gravel or dirt, normally for the purposes of building and construction. Normally, a dump truck is well equipped with an open box, which is hinged at the rear end of the truck, and which is hydraulically operated, to allow for it to be lifted, in order for the contents in the truck to be deposited behind at the site of construction. Dump trucks however exist in different types, and some of these types are as listed below:

Standard End Dump Truck

This is a kind of dump trailer, which comes in the size of 8 by 4. The trailer also comes with three rear axels, in which two of them are normally powered while the third one is lifted. It is truck whose dump body is normally mounted on the frame, while the bed is lifted by a hydraulic ram, which is in turn mounted under the body’s front. The trailer also has a relatively shorter wheelbase, a factor that enables it to maneuver easily than other trailer dump trucks, which are referred to as high capacity.

Transfer End Dump Trailer

This is a type of a dump trailer, which pulls a separate trailer, which could be loaded with the loose materials of sand, asphalt, and gravel and wood chips. The second trailer is often powered by an electric pneumatic motor, and sometimes, the separate trailer could be powered by a hydraulic line.

Truck and Pup End Dump Truck

It is similar to the transfer end dump trailer as it contains a standard dump trailer which pulls a dump trailer. But, unlike the transfer end dump trailer, this is a type of trailer which has a hydraulic ram of its own and that it also has the capability of loading on its own.

Semi Trailer End Dump Truck

This is basically a combination between a tractor and a trailer in which the trailer has a hydraulic hoist on its own. It carries the advantage of its ability to unload rapidly but also, it has a disadvantage of being unstable especially when raised beyond their limits.