Treating Neck Pain in Clarksville TN

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Health

Patients have options when it comes to treating Neck Pain Clarksville TN. Most people tend to ignore it for a while, hoping it will go away. They will tell themselves they slept on it wrong, or the muscle is fatigued, or they are simply getting a cold. Some will take aspirin and hope for the best. If the aspirin helps and the pain does not return, no other action is necessary. If the pain persists, the neck will have to be seen by a professional. Possible causes can include a muscle ache, but other causes can be more serious. Cancers, tumors, and heart conditions can also cause neck pain.

The first call should be to a primary care physician. That doctor will know the patient best, and can usually rule out the more serious concerns. If concerns cannot be ruled out, the doctor will send the patient to a specialist for further evaluation of the pain and its causes. One option for further care is a chiropractor. Neck pain can be the result of a misaligned spinal column. Adjustments can be made, and the pain may cease. Other options for care are massage therapy, decompression of discs, ice or heat therapy, or exercises. Massage therapy soothes sore muscles, increases blood flow, and relieves tension. Compressed discs cause pain throughout the body. If that is the cause, decompression creates space between those discs, relieving pain and improving mobility. Ice and heat can break up muscle knots are allow freedom of movement and relax muscles, also relieving pain. Comprehensive care centers, like United Chiropractic Clinic, can offer all these options in one place. This is convenient if a combination of treatments and therapies will address the problem.

In addition to Neck Pain Clarksville TN, many other pains and ailments are treated including tinnitus, arthritis, sports injuries, work injuries, whiplash, and osteoporosis. Migraine headaches, nerve pain, and weakness is also treated. Exercises to build strength, balance, flexibility, and stability can improve mobility and decrease the risk of serious injuries through falling, stumbling, or tripping. Coordination can be improved as well. for more details about treatment options and to set up an initial appointment.

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