Are you a Non-Resident Indian (NRI), who is interested in transferring money from the UK to India? Do you desire to remit money to India from the UK in an economical and speedy manner? Do you desire a user-friendly and reliable experience while transferring money to India? The online remittance service, can meet these requirements of yours. You can depend on an online remittance solution to swiftly transfer money to your loved ones in India.

Online remittances offer ease of use, multiple monthly payments and delivery modes, attractive exchange rates, low/zero transfer fees, secure transactions, quick delivery and efficient round-the-clock customer support. Thus, it is not surprising that senders are relying on online remittance services for transferring money from UK to India. Increasing competition in the online remittance sector has led to a better value proposition for the users.

When an online remittance company promises best exchange rates and very low/zero transfer fees, do check thoroughly that claim. Sometimes, some companies, which promise low transfer fees, actually give slightly lower exchange rate. This is a ‘hidden fee’, which is levied to neutralise the loss incurred by charging such low transfer fees.

Online money transfer services have employed high-tech encrypted security systems to safeguard the money and data of their users. Such services do KYC  ‘verification’ calls to the sender, during which they are required to confirm the data entered during the registration and transfer process. Some online remittance companies email/SMS the senders and the recipients about the status of the transactions. Some also provide insurance policies, which compensate you if your money does not reach recipient’s account.

Thus, with a credible online remittance provider and due caution, you can keep Transferring Money from UK to India without much cause of worry.