The American Dental Association reports that up to 25 percent of the American population could have an unsightly gap between their front teeth. While the two teeth are healthy, people may feel self-conscious when they smile or speak. Anyone who is bothered by this condition can schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist to discuss Tooth Bonding in Westbury, NY to fill the gap. The dentist will determine if they are a candidate for tooth bonding. Generally this procedure will work if the teeth aren’t crooked or crowded. In that case, orthodontic treatments might be required.

A tooth-colored composite resin is used to reshape the two front teeth. The resin is available in many shades, and the dentist begins by selecting the one that is closest to the patient’s natural tooth color. He then gently etches the surface of the tooth, so that the resin will easily adhere to it. The resin which looks like putty is applied to the tooth. The consistency allows the dentist to work with it& while it attached to the natural tooth. Once the dentist has the teeth shaped correctly, an ultraviolet light is used to harden the resin. The final step is to polish the tooth so that there are no rough edges to irritate the patient’s mouth or lips.

Tooth bonding in Westbury, NY should last for several years and there are a few things that the patient can do to protect it. Because resin is not as hard as tooth enamel, the patient should remember not to bite hard objects with their front teeth. This includes people who bite their fingernails or chew pencils. Resin is also more porous than tooth enamel, so it stains much more easily. People who drink coffee or smoke cigarettes have to be very careful. They should refrain from these habits for 48 hours after the procedure. After that period, they can smoke or drink coffee again. However, they should carefully brush and floss their teeth every day. Their dentist may recommend toothpaste that whitens teeth to minimize staining. Professional cleanings twice a year will further brighten teeth and keep them healthy. Dr. Gerald Grossman, D.D.S. is one of the dentists in Westbury that performs tooth bonding. People can Visit website to learn more about his dental practice.

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